Our Industries


We understand that UK’s busy railway network relies heavily on the competency of its technical and operational people and believe that investing in people is one of the most effective ways of improving the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the railway.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Channel Compliance have a multi-discipline team of engineering consultants, who design, develop, and deliver accredited training and supporting services across a range of industry sectors.

Health, Safety and Environmental

We offer a comprehensive suite of accredited health and safety training and consultancy services, which reflects our passion and expertise in this vital business area.


Safety and compliance are key to any major construction project. With ever-changing legislative requirements, project-specific framework demands and a host of other regulations to meet, commercial property development can be a compliance minefield, even for the experts.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Expectations in the retail marketplace are higher than ever before with retailers ever more demanding. Therefore, training of FMCG engineering/technical personnel is imperative in order to be able to deal with consumer demand and minimise the downtime of production lines.


Channel Compliance have a multi-discipline team of engineering consultants. Our highly skilled team collectively have a wealth of experience in Manufacturing industries and has a suite of appropriate training programmes available, which can be adapted to suit our client’s specific requirements.

Our dedicated Customer Support Team that is always available to provide guidance on all aspects of your experience with Channel Compliance. This team can take bookings, provide service information or if you want more technical information, they can either source the information for you or ask one of our Consultants to contact you.